World Languages Academy

at Texas A&M University

Our Program

Program Emphases

Young World Language Learners

Research has shown that learning a world language at a young age benefits children tremendously in multiple areas, including pronunciation, oral skills, metalinguistic awareness, cognitive development (e.g., executive functioning), multi-cultural understanding, and self-concept. The TAMU World Languages Academy has focused on high-quality world language programs for elementary school students. We have extensive experience designing curricula and creating instructional activities that are personally meaningful and engaging for young learners.

Integration of STEAM

Integrating language and content in world language education creates meaningful contexts in which learners can use their new language. Presenting content in a way that is engaging and conducive to language learning for novice world language learners who have little prior experience with the target language requires extensive planning. The TAMU World Languages Academy specializes in developing curricula that strategically integrate language and content so instructional activities provide ample opportunities for learners to acquire and practice progressively more complex vocabulary and language structures.

Chinese and Korean

Most of the world language options for young children in the US are languages that are structurally similar to English, such as Spanish, French, or German. At TAMU World Languages Academy, we have devoted ourselves to the teaching of Chinese and Korean, which are structurally very different from English, to English-speaking children. Through extensive empirical research and classroom experience with participants in our program, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in teaching Chinese and Korean to young English-speaking children.

Diversity and Community Involvement

We value diversity and always aim to recruit a diverse teaching team. Our program is community-based and has created multiple opportunities to engage with Asian American community members as well as community members who are not of East Asian heritage but are interested in the language and culture. High school students with or without prior experience in East Asian languages as well as middle school students who have previously participated in our program are welcome to join the team! They provide unique perspectives to our program and also develop invaluable teamwork and leadership skills through working with our diverse team.